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In 2016, I fall into the WEB 3 rabbit hole. After a few years juggling my passion & my career in finance, I left my high-paying job in M&A and decided to completely redesign my life as a WEB 3 entrepreneur.

After selling my 1st WEB 3 company, I'm now a reference in the WEB 3 ecosystem, & the #1 reference for DAOs in France,

Wanting to give back to the ecosystem, I advise web3 leaders in their journey, offering even with 1:1 power hour for more punctual coaching. I also help early-stages projects benefit from my WEB 3 network, helping them find grants.

Frequently, I attend worldwide web3 events or participate in podcasts. (Station F, Paris Blockchain Week, Behind the Chain, ..)

Finally, I operate in schools to teach WEB 3 to curious students (Alyra, Neoma Business School, ..)

Thank you for reading!